Mint Toppers

These are one of the best party favors you can buy.  Probably my best seller!  The space is small, but, you will be amazed what can be fit into this small space.   Great for any kind of party, receptions, cook outs, etc.     I can put most any kind of digital picture or graphic on it.  I have thousands of graphics in my files.

Here is a picture of some I made for the 4th of  July.  And, this was for a 4th of July cookout, so, it was not fancy.  My customer took them in a patriotic plastic bowl from a $ store.  They fit in perfectly in the cookout scene and got many favorable comments.

Mint Toppers in bowl

These are also a good way to advertise.   You can carry these in your car, have a bowl on your desk at work, mail one to a client, use as handouts, take to meetings, conferences, parties, etc.  Like I said above, you will be amazed at how much information I can fit on these toppers.   Here is an example.

Mint Topper - Great Plains 1

Mint Topper - Great Plains 2

Here’s another example I made for a local mortuary.

Mint Topper - Swartz

(so sorry for the slight bluriness –  I never claimed to be a good photographer – toppers were very crisp and clear in person)   🙂

They come with either life savers (which is the most popular kind), or starlight peppermints/spearmints, as you see above.  Also, you can have about any kind of wrapped candy that you want. (price may vary upon what type you want, and availability)

These custom designed mint toppers sell for $ .25 each.

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