Shopping Lists

Well, I don’t know about you, but, when I go shopping, if I don’t have a list, I might as well just go back home.  So, I decided to make CUTE shopping lists, and, they are printed on card stock, so, if you are grocery shopping, you can mark off the items as you put them in your cart.  The card stock is stiff enough, as you are holding it, it is easy to scribble out, and add to if needed.  

If there is a certain design you would like, just let me know, and, I will design it for you.  (I LOVE designing these)  I can also insert pictures.  It can be any “digital” picture, your car, boat, airplane, children, house, or any of my numerous graphics, etc. , you name it.   And, the price for these is only $ .29 each,  plus shipping, your choice of designs.   Minimum order of 10, please.   (check out my locations, if you are close, I can take it to one of them, and you can pick it up there)

Here are some designs to pick from:

2 for website - A is for Apple, ABC

2 for website - Apple pie cabinet, bear on books

2 for website - Chocolate and blue cup

2 for website - Fruit and God Bless America

2 for website - I Love Prim and Country, Raggedy Ann

2 for website - Til they all come home, Beauty

2 for website - Panda, Snowman

paypal signs

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