Memorial Items

I don’t know about you, but, I am not crazy about spending $60 or $70 to send flowers to the funeral home.  And, then just to see them thrown out on the ground.    Of course, there will always be people that want to send live flowers and planters.  And, for that, I am really glad.  There needs to be flowers also.

I would like to introduce a new idea to you.   This is called “Letter from Heaven”, and I have been making these for a while now, instead of sending flowers.  The recipients have been very touched and appreciative, and really cherish them.  Instead of having to take care of, and water a flower, they can display this in their homes and enjoy it for years to come.  It is a beautiful letter, as if it is being written to someone still living, by the recently deceased person.  The words are very comforting, and, eases the mind.

It is an 8″ x 10″ frame.  Includes matching sympathy card.  This item sells for $ 14.99, plus shipping.  (check out my locations, if you are close, I can take it to one of them, and you can pick it up there)

Frames may vary slightly due to availability.   


(I’m sorry for the quality of this picture.  I just couldn’t seem to get a really clear picture of it.)

Here is a better picture of the background:  (it really is very pretty)

Letter from Heaven background with watermark

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